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About Soul Train
A platform that empowers individuals to learn, share, and grow within the world of breaking
Participate in live 1on1 battles and earn prize money and more
Battle your way up in the ranking
Soul Train subscribers get exclusive access in doing live battles and earning points for the ranking.
Earn prize money
Being part of the ranking gives you a chance of earning prize money.
Get rewards and win cool prizes
Doing live battles also gives you a shot to win cool products such as exclusive merchandise and/or tickets to your favorite breaking event.
Discover news content and get inspired
Upload your own content
Upload some fresh moves so your followers can keep up to date.
Like, comment, and share
Get engaged with the breakers you follow on the platform and get inspired.
Get to know exclusive Soul Train content
Find exclusive content like tutorials, interviews and much more.
Direct messaging with other breakers
Direct messaging
Enjoy 1on1 conversations with other breakers, sharing tips, tricks, and inspiration without any distractions.
Get suggested following
Discover new breakers from around the globe, make instant connections and get collaboration opportunities.
Share content
Share videos, photos, profiles and battles with you friends via message.
Customize your profile as you like to showcase to the community
Personalized Profiles
Customize your profile to reflect your unique style and personality within the breaking community.
Creative Expression
Express yourself freely by customizing your profile with photos, videos, and descriptions that highlight your journey and achievements as a breaker.
Community Visibility
Stand out and get suggested following in the Soul Train app to share your passion, skills, and aspirations as a dancer.
Who it is for
Whether you're a battle cat, event organizer, choreographer, break teacher, or student, Soul Train has something special for everyone. Check out some of our key features:
Use battle practice mode to get familiar with battling
Check out other battles and vote for your winner
Upload your own breaking content
Interact with other users
Ranking Breakers
Do live battles against anyone on the globe
Earn points for the Soul Train ranking
Become eligible to win prize money
Get exclusive rewards like merch and tickets
Earn extra points by voting on battles
Event Organizers
Add your event to the Soul Map
Interact with Soul Train users
Integrate Soul Train at your physical event
Upload content for extra reach
Advertise your event in Soul Train
Who we are
More than just a digital platform, Soul Train is a space for breakers worldwide to learn, share, battle, and grow together.
About our company
Soul Train is committed to creating a vibrant, global hub for breaking enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide a platform that empowers individuals to learn, share, and grow within the world of breakdancing. We believe that by connecting people and fostering collaboration, we can fuel creativity and passion, uplifting the culture of breaking worldwide.
Our vision
We envision Soul Train as a space that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, uniting breakdancers around the globe. More than just an app for learning breaking, Soul Train is a digital stage for artists to express themselves, a meeting point for enthusiasts to connect, and a collaborative space for creative projects. Our vision is to elevate breaking to new heights, cultivating a community that learns, evolves, and thrives together.
“For me Soul Train app, it is more than just a social network. Unlike other social networks on the market, Soul Train App has different features that make it stand out from the competition. Especially the online battle function (Livestream). A good way to train the "Battle Mood" in your training room or from your own home.”
“Finally, an app made by the scene, for the scene!  Soul Train has the ability to allow breakers from all over the world to practice in a competitive format, even if your from an isolated area.”
“Where creativity takes the stage, upload your content and engage in live battles to showcase the vibrant soul of your talents.”
“Soul Train is amazing because not only is what the scene needs in terms of becoming a functional global community it's also the foundation to start a new era in breaking connecting every single breaker in the world”
Connect with breakers worldwide,
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